We know that meditation can help students manage stress. We start off each day gathering for a short, quiet relaxation time. We light candles, put on some soothing music, and lay out comfy mats to rest on. Girls come into the space from school in different moods and with diverse experiences from the day; we like to encourage them to leave it all at the door and take some time to breathe and recalibrate.


Girls need healthy, wholesome food, and we've got this down! We offer a hot, home-cooked meal daily made with local ingredients from farms in the greater Hudson area. We often plan our weekly menu and prepare our meals together so that every girl can take some ownership of her healthy food choices. Eating as a big family, we share happenings from the day, discuss current events, offer poems and stories, and talk about our new food experiences. And we clean up as a team, too!


We believe that education is the gateway to independence. During our daily quiet homework time, experienced tutors come in to offer math, science, reading, writing, and ESL support. We check Student Portals for assignments, and we monitor each girl's grades to help them stay on top of rigorous coursework. Girls have access to computers, books, and the library downstairs in order to get their homework done thoroughly and timely. We meet with teachers and guidance counselors quarterly to ensure that each individual girl is getting the attention and academic help they need during the after school time. 


Perfect Ten girls have BUSY schedules! Our After School program runs 3:15 pm - 6:00 pm five days a week. Every day is a new adventure. Throughout the year, we offer diverse daily workshops and programming to meet both the individual and group interests of our girls. Some are on-site at our clubhouse, and many are in the studios, workplaces, and homes of our skilled programmers. Some workshops are one-time, others last six weeks, and some have been going strong for three years! We are always seeking and meeting new community members who offer their time, skills, materials, and energy to teach girls new things, and we are so grateful! Our current workshops include: