Buds become Blooms when they reach 9th grade, and they are encouraged to keep up their participation until 12th grade. As many girls have spent three years as a Bud, we recognize that they are ready and up for more responsibility. A lot of the girls become interested in finding jobs, getting "college-ready", and preparing for their futures beyond high school. We work to provide the space, time, and resources for our Blooms to explore and get support for all of their future goals. Additionally, we task them with becoming role models and mentors for the younger girls who look up to them. 


READY, SET, GO is a three-phase program designed to help girls set realistic goals and prepare for whatever the future has in store for them.

Job Training

This is an 8-week course that covers the essentials of finding a job, landing the job, and keeping it. We begin with the art of filling out paperwork, creating resumes and cover letters, prepping for job interviews, and understanding job expectations. Additionally, we dive into the ins and outs of customer service, including communication skills, attitude, working as part of a team, and acting professionally.  We teach girls about the varying roles and organizational structures that exist within different industries. We aim to instill a sense of confidence and preparedness so that anxiety does not inhibit their performance. This course is a pre-requisite for apprenticeship placement. 

Money Management

This workshop is a way to help girls understand the basics of personal finances and the vocabulary for understanding the finances of the industry they are about to tap into. They will develop the “how to” skills of building a credit rating, dealing with financial service providers, and assessing their own purchasing power. The goal is that, in conjunction with job readiness, they will also establish basic money management skills needed to build healthy financial habits and an independent future.


We offer Perfect Ten Blooms who have completed both the Job Training and Money Management courses the opportunity to apply for a variety of apprenticeships in local restaurants, event spaces, shops, businesses. These opportunities are not a diversion from a college track. Instead, through these apprenticeships, we hope girls will, at most, discover an industry that motivates them to continue their education and, at the very least, will aid them in paying for any further education.