From Sprouts, girls matriculate up to our Buds program, grades 6th-8th. After becoming familiar with the Perfect Ten Promises while a Sprout, Buds are ready to put these words into action as they immerse themselves into new experiences with new people. We find 6th grade to be an especially formative year- as girls are too old to be treated like "little girls", yet still a bit young to get that same "big girl" treatment. We watch girls transform from the beginning of the school year to the end, coming into themselves as young women. This is a very exciting time for girls to discover their personal gifts, build up a sisterhood and community, and get the support needed to foster confidence, commitment, and independence. Buds are invited to participate in after-school workshops in the Perfect Ten clubhouse Monday-Friday.


Every day after school our Buds meet at our clubhouse at 3:15pm. We are lucky to have a bus that brings girls directly from school to Perfect Ten. We start with a snack, which ends up being more like a meal. Cooked by our staff, and often with the help of the girls, we use fresh, local produce from the many amazing farms in the Hudson Valley, and with the help of a CSA share provided by Long Table Harvest. After (all hands on deck) cleanup, we do a 10 minute meditation, followed by a group check-in. Girls share stories from the day as well as quotes they'd like us all to consider. By 4:00pm, we transition into workshops. Girls have the opportunity to sign up for workshops at the beginning of each session; sessions last 8-12 weeks with a workshop happening one time per week. We have built up what we like to call "The Perfect Ten Army"- local artists, makers, entrepreneurs, and professionals who offer up their time, space, and resources to teach girls many things. Some popular activities include pottery, horseback riding, jujitsu, fashion design, songwriting and recording, coding, and anime. Many of these workshops are off-site, and it's a great opportunity for girls to get out into the greater community. By 6pm, we are back at the clubhouse ready to say goodbye for the day. 




We believe that education is the gateway to independence. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, we host a "Quiet Hour" at the clubhouse from 6-7pm. During this time, girls have the opportunity to work with experienced for extra school support. We check Student Portals for assignments, and we monitor each girl's grades to help them stay on top of rigorous coursework. Girls have access to computers, books, and the library downstairs in order to get their homework done thoroughly and timely. We meet with teachers and guidance counselors monthly to ensure that each individual girl is getting the attention and academic help they need during the after school time.