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Sprouts (4th & 5th Grade):

Perfect Ten Sprouts are just what they say they are: young seeds sprouting out to explore the world! These are our 4th & 5th grade girls and they meet twice a week (on Tuesdays and Thursdays) at the Bluehawk Blue Nation After School Program located at the Montgomery C. Smith Intermediate School. There, they explore what it means to be a Perfect Ten girl through practicing the Perfect Ten Promises and growing into their individuality.

6th Grade & Beyond:

Girls in 6th grade and above hang out and meet at the Perfect Ten clubhouse at 3:15pm from Monday to Friday (sometimes Saturdays).

Girls have the opportunity to sign up for workshops at the beginning of each session; sessions last 8-12 weeks with a workshop happening one time per week. We have built up what we like to call "The Perfect Ten Army"- local artists, makers, entrepreneurs, and professionals who offer up their time, space, and resources to teach girls many things. Some popular activities include pottery, horseback riding, jujitsu, fashion design, songwriting and recording, coding, and anime. Many of these workshops are off-site, and it's a great opportunity for girls to get out into the greater community. By 6pm, we are back at the clubhouse ready to say goodbye for the day.