Perfect Ten has taken a deep, deep dive into SUMMER (don’t worry, nobody drowned...)!


First, and most importantly, CONGRATS to all of the Perfect Ten graduates! We are seriously smart and seriously talented; National Honors Society, honor roll, and awards for math, science, chorus, and arts. Shout outs to Hailey, Monalissa, Danaya, Marie, and Liliianna. Our first class of graduating seniors, Rebekah, Ingrid, Demaris, and Jeana, are going to college at the end of August. Go girls, with blessings, courage and love!

In the last days of school, we took some beach days, trips to the movies, picnics, and a sisterhood sleepover (thanks Owen and Maggie!). We also tie-dyed team Perfect Ten shirts using natural dyes that we made from turmeric, berries, beets, and cabbage. The results were fab.

The last weekend in June was summer market. This was our second year learning from Hudson River Exchange (XOXO @ Kate and Stella). We showed market-goers how to sort their garbage, for minimal trash output, and helped vendors by booth sitting so that they could take breaks. Did you know how much we love to participate in local events? Who doesn’t like meeting the creative folks around the Hudson community?


Then, a week-long Young Photographer’s Workshop with Saskia and Sabella Kahn from LightField in Brooklyn. The agenda: all things media-- photojournalism do’s and don’ts, portrait making, and public speaking. We learned about composition, captioning, polaroid transfers, and writing artists’ statements. Come see the impressive, girl-made work on August 12th, 6pm at Hudson Hall, part of the Just the Facts LightField Festival of Photography and Multimedia Art.  

On July 16th, we were rolling! An ENORMOUS thank you to all who helped to make sleep away camp possible for us! We were greeted by our friends at Camp Fowler, and jumped right into the lake! Packed days, alongside the Lower East Side Girls Club of New York City, the Glasgow Girls Club from New Zealand, and the Yaya Inc. of New Orleans, was, in a word, unforgettable.  Sailing, kayaking, hiking, yoga, archery, screen-printing and yeah, lots of just hanging. We spent early mornings on the lake and evenings at the campfire. There was a talent show, scavenger hunts, and storytelling slams. Tanazia’s summer claim to fame is that her sailboat DID NOT flip over. Opi loved the moose sing-along song. Kiemita must have braided 132 girls’ heads in over five days!

Back in Hudson, we are busy with Art OMI and prepping for the ULTRA SPECTACULAR next edition of See Me Like This with photographer Valerie Shaff.

Next week, Quianna, Zia, Kiara, and Lilianna will go on a week-long trip to Washington, D.C. This trip will provide an opportunity for research and SELF discovery. Stay tuned!

With gratitude, 
The Perfect Ten Family


Tina Dipper