Our job training and money management program culminates in an apprenticeship program! Job training covers: how to find a job, nailing it, and succeeding! Girls created resumes, cover letters, performed mock interviews, and learned the fine art of customer service. In money management, girls learned the basics of personal finances as well as “how to” build a credit rating, work with financial service providers, and assess their own purchasing power. Girls are now settling into their paid apprenticeships, with generous hosts including Sarah Roberts Hale and Kate Hewett at Basilica, MaryVaughn Williams at Hudson Clothier, Eloise McAviney at Planned Parenthood, and Marie Balle at LOOK. Please stop by our host establishments and express your support. 

We are now working with Hudson Hall to expand this offering with a training for a new cohort of girls this summer and more apprenticeships to be had in a variety of locations. Open to any and all girls 15 and up! 


On Tuesdays and Thursdays our 4th and 5th grade Sprouts are super busy creating their own plays, tasting chocolate, or painting self-portraits. We have a long waiting list … but aspiring Sprouts, “Stand By for Summer!”


At the clubhouse, 6th-10th graders choose their own schedules from 2-3 different daily workshops. Mondays are about moving: horseback riding at High n’ Mighty with Laura Corsun and Rachel Conaway, personal fitness with Rachael Kelly of LYF Fitness, hiking with Heidi Bock of the Columbia Land Conservancy, and hip hop with Melanie George of Lumberyard. Tuesdays are epic: STEM experiments with Bard Center for Civic Engagement, as well as our ongoing jewelry making/metalsmithing workshop with our beloved Shana Lee. Judah Leah guided fashion design where girls made their very own unique apparel pieces! Girls also learned the art of embroidery, making their own patches, plus printmaking with Gretchen Kelly! On Wednesdays we cook and bake with emphasis on nutrition. During the first months of school, we spent Thursdays doing performing arts and creating our own monologues. Many girls took a songwriting workshop and recorded original tunes with the fabulous Sean Matthew Whiteford. And we can’t forget piano lessons with Andrew Stein! A performance is in the works. The memory book workshop was a trip and a half. Thank you to Katie Ford and Nina Boutsikaris  who taught us how our memories, good and bad, can fuel creativity. The books “Memories from Girlhood” can be found at the Farm & Flea market at Basilica May 11-12th.

Knitting with Candace Bachrach and Sex Ed in the Digital Age are back by popular demand. To learn more about the amazing women making it all happen (plus some honorable men), please check out our list of honorable women and thank them for their service to our community. A special shoutout to Bert Goldfinger for cooking us up many yummy meals! 


AniManga week - Anime is Japanese cartooning while manga are their comic book equivalent. The whole week was dedicated to everyone absolutely nerding out on Japanese pop culture. Girls got to snack on sushi and kimchi, learn about fashion in Harajuku, and listen to new music. During Black History Month we studied Alma Thomas, Aaron Douglas, Elizabeth Catlett, and Faith Ringgold, and inspired girls made works of their own. 


We believe in getting out of our comfort zones. Six girls were invited to participate in our semi-annual mindblowing New York City trip. Day one was Brooklyn. We went to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden for plant loving. Then, over to the Brooklyn Museum to see Judy Chicago’s “The Dinner Party”, “Half the Picture: A Feminist Look at the Collection”, and the breathtaking Frida Kahlo exhibit.


On day two we joined in on the fun happenings at the Lower East Side Girls Club. Girls sewed personality pillows, recorded their own raps, and baked sourdough bread using girl-made starter! At the Whitney Museum, we fell in love with Andy Warhol. And what great backgrounds for selfies! We also visited The Wing, which is a super cool space for women to work and network with each other. We were thrilled to be invited and welcomed so warmly.  It made us think about how our environment makes us feel... we are going to redecorate our own teen center!


A highlight on our third day was a scavenger hunt in the STRAND bookstore, which we decided may just be the coolest store in the whole wide city. We learned the delicate art of swiping a metrocard at the turnstile, how to read a subway map, and the importance of hustle. 


Darcy Doniger and Carolyn Mix of 2Note are workshopping with the girls to create their very own Perfect Ten scent! There will be a debut and celebration of this collaboration at 2Note at 255 Warren St. Stay tuned!   

Warm weather activities are starting up again including hiking, archery, horseback riding, and gardening. In April we are hosting a Moms and Mentors lunch, with embarrassing baby photos that WILL BE shared. A Mad Hatter costume workshop is coming up in preparation for the Mad Hatter parade here in Hudson on Saturday, May 11th. Plus spring Farm & Flea that same weekend. Please come and stop by our table to see the unique GIRLMADE items we have this year.


This is a new “just for teens: concept that is in development by the girls. In the turret of our castle clubhouse, teens will be painting and redecorating for our teen zone/resource center where we will have drop-in hours for mental and sexual health support, tutoring, job prep, college preparedness, and networking. It is The Wing (see above) for the teen girls of Hudson. Soon we begin a bi-weekly lunch series at both the Jr. and Sr. High School called “The Good Lunch” for girls to come together and share stories and resources. Any ideas? This is the place!  Dreams are turning into realities all year long, and we thank you, our community.



The WOMEN of Columbia County are guiding young WOMEN on their way to becoming leaders of our community and beyond.



Candace Bachrach, Knitting

Mimi Beaven, Cooking [Made in Ghent]

Emma Bernstein, Math [Bard CCE]

Maryna Bilak, Sculpture

Heidi Bock, Hiking [Columbia Land Conservancy]

Vicky Boulay, Herbs and Bees

Nina Boutsikaris, Creative Writing

Tia Bygrave, Financial Literacy

Sayzie Carr, Fiber Arts 

Robin Conner, Archery [Girl Scouts]

Laura Corsun, Horseback Riding [High & Mighty]

Sarah deVeer, STEM [Bard CCE]

Darcy Doniger, Fragrance [2Note]

Maddie Fischer, Cooking [Sylvia Center]

Christine Flood, Arts Immersion [Art OMI]

Katie Ford, Book Arts 

Alison Fox, Multimedia Mobiles

Melanie George, Hip Hop [Lumberyard]

Paula Grief, Pottery

Sarah Grinberg, Nutrition [Tin Can Juicery]

Rebeccah Johnson, Financial Literacy 

Saskia Kahn, Photography

Gretchen Kelly, Embroidery Design and Stenciling  

Rachael Kelly, Fitness [LYF Fitness]

Selina LaVista, Cooking [Sylvia Center]

Juda Leah, Fashion Design 

Shana Lee, Jewelry Design

Kelly Leonardo, Nutrition [Tin Can Juicery]

Maria Manhattan, Art & Feminism [The Box Lunch] 

Eloise McAviney, Sexual Health [Planned Parenthood

Teresa Meza, Performing Arts

Carolyn Mix, Fragrance [2Note]

Faith Porbeni, Feminism & Anime

Val Schaff, Photography

Whitney Spooner, Upcycling



Marie Balle, Job Mentor [LOOK]

Sherri Bolevice, Tutor 

Vicky Boulay, Tutor

Arminee Bowler, Tutor

Lacey Clarke, Mentor

Nancy Cobean, Tutor

Rosalie Cornell, Guidance Counselor

Kate Hewett, Job Mentor [Basilica]

Chris Jones, Meal Prep

Katherine Kanaga, Mentor

Anya Kanevskaya, Mentor

Suzi Kim, Tutor 

Eloise McAviney, Job Mentor [Planned Parenthood]

Liz Novine, Guidance Counselor

Nora Peck, Mentor

Courtney Pettit, Mentor

Sarah Roberts Hale, Job Mentor [Basilica]

Susan Schultz, Meal Prep

MaryVaughn Williams, Job Mentor [Hudson Clothier]

Erin Wright, Mentor

Bettina Young, Mental Health Counselor

Tina Dipper