Perfect Ten was founded in 2010 by Paula Forman who saw that there was a need in Hudson for a place where girls might gather, support one another, and develop the skills and courage required for making their own dreams come true. With enormous support from the community, the Hudson City School District, the women of Hudson, and the girls and their moms who committed to Perfect Ten, this adventure became a reality. Each year we grow and change to suit our expanding vision. 


We love being part of the Hudson community! We regularly partner with many local organizations and businesses to provide our girls with diverse and enriching experiences. The Sylvia Center with Kaatchkie Farm, Long Table Harvest, and Hawthorne Valley Farm have made long term commitments to engaging the girls in growing, harvesting, and preparing healthy and nutritious meals. Over the years we have been proud to join with the many organizations in our community that serve the young folks in Hudson. The Sylvia Center, Planned Parenthood, Operation Unite, PS21, Camphill Hudson, Wise Bodies, Blue Hawk After School Program, Columbia County Mental Health, Bindlestiff Circus, Common Ground, Harmony Project, Art OMI,  and Etsy have all made contributions of great value.


Perfect Ten has been honored to engage with local artists and makers to learn from and, often, to make art ourselves. We have made pots with Jacqueline Wilder and Marybeth Ketz, designed and created jewelry with Shana Lee, and are now learning new ceramic techniques with Paula Greif in her studio on Warren St. We also do a regular writers workshop with author Chloe Caldwell. Photographer Valerie Shaff has engaged us in a study of identity and personal exploration that culminates in a public exhibition called SEE ME LIKE THIS.