Meet the Team!

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Paula Forman - Founder

Paula moved to Hudson to retire and write another book. She got hooked on girls and hasn't stopped thinking about Perfect Ten since the day it was born. She is involved in every aspect of the program, works with the girls almost everyday, and works with the school district and other community organizations to develop a broader network for Perfect Ten. Her past lives have included a career in advertising which led to the Presidency of a large New York agency, teaching at the university level, and authoring a published book. She has two independent children and a very cool husband. Paula is the original gritty girl.


Tina Dipper - Program Director

Tina worked at Perfect Ten during its infancy and returned to the organization in June 2019. Having grown up in Hudson, Tina has experienced the lack of after school activities and appreciates the opportunity and experience Perfect Ten has brought in to the community, especially for girls.  Watching the girls succeed is the most rewarding aspect of her work. Tina’s persistence and resilience help to break down walls of limitations for Perfect Ten girls and open up new horizons for the organization. Her joyful and quirky attitude are an immediate uplift whenever she is around. 

Tina’s journey has led her to many interesting and challenging careers -  a dancer at Walt Disney World, a Union Representative, and a flight attendant to name a few.

Amelia Earhart is a suitable choice for Tina to pick as a role model -  a brave, boundary pushing, out-of-the-box kind of woman. Outside of her work at Perfect Ten, Tina enjoys many physical activities such as kayaking, biking, and dancing.  She is known to be miming her way through her weekly group trivia games!


Eve Whittington - Teen Program Coordinator

As a new edition to Perfect Ten, Eve’s upbeat personality and team player attitude won the hearts of not only the girls, but that staff as well.  Being born and raised in the urban community of Brooklyn, NY, Eve is able to connect with the girls of Perfect Ten on a level of true understanding.  She is passionate about providing the girls with opportunities not readily available to them and enjoys bridging the gap between the girls and their ever changing environment.  One of Eve’s favorite aspects of Perfect Ten is the ease in which everyone, including the girls, can be themselves and be accepted, “flaws” and all.

Earning her Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies, it is only fitting that Eve would choose a woman of the Bible, Deborah, an Old Testament matriarch who was a leader and judge for the people, as well as a warrior, to honor and hold in high esteem.

As a hairstylist for over 18 years, in her time outside of the clubhouse, Eve is adorning brides and cutting hair. 


Whitney Wilkins-Spooner - Community Program coordinator / Co-Director of Sprouts

Whitney was drawn to the organization 8 years ago, after seeing the lack of resources and inspiration the young girls in her community faced.  She enjoys leading and participating in creative workshops, broadening the girls’ experiences, and helping to develop their creative identity. Exploring and learning alongside the girls is one of Whitney's most treasured aspects of working with Perfect Ten. Meeting and getting to know other women in the community is one of her favorite perks of the job. 

Outside of the clubhouse, Whitney owns and runs an antique (as found objects) shop and a reclaimed antique lumber business with her husband . She is an avid gardener and textile collector and occasionally sews - you might spy some of her creations at her shop.


Faith Porbeni - Social Justice Program coorindator

A poet at heart, Faith is guided by her love for the arts and her passion for creativity. She often says her imagination is her greatest asset and her greatest sense of entertainment and she abundantly shares it with the girls at Perfect Ten. She thrives in environments where learning is on the forefront and believes that knowledge kept hidden is essentially good for nothing.

Born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, she moved to the US for her college education and has been enamored with the culture shift and how others live and thrive in environments that are very unlike hers.  She strongly believes that the key to solving the world's problems lies in communication, empathy, and understanding of our fellow individual and Faith hopes to foster a change in which people are more open about their emotions. She has a deep love for Christ, novels, video games, comic books, and just about anything nerdy.

Outside of Perfect Ten, you can find her with a notebook and sketchbook, making art through clothing and penning her avant garde thoughts.


Teresa Meza - Program Coordinator

Teresa began mentoring with Perfect Ten in 2014. Soon after she was asked to come join the Perfect Ten team in leading the “Sprouts” program at the After School Program at Montgomery C. Smith Intermediate School. Teresa is also a part time actress. Her education and performance opportunities in the arts started over twenty years ago in Los Angeles and continues to this day. She enjoys her time with the girls very much. Her favorite subject to teach is drama, of course, and having the girls explore their imaginations.