Perfect Ten is an independent non-profit organization. We are committed to individual and organizational efforts to building respect, dignity, fairness, caring, equality, and self-esteem with respect to the diverse life challenges of each girl.

Girls have the opportunity to join our program in the fourth grade and remain with us until they graduate from high school. We offer programming every day after school, every other Saturday, and through school breaks and summer. Commitment to Perfect Ten is a daily investment in our future. 


Homegrown in Hudson, NY, our wonderful local community brings their support and expertise to our clubhouse, and frequently offers their places of business, studios, and homes as learning resources. Perfect Ten seeks to foster a community that encourages understanding, appreciation, and acceptance of all within its membership, volunteer base, and staff. We firmly believe that broad representation and participation add significant value to all that we do. We also believe that bringing diverse individuals together allows us to collectively and more effectively address the issues that face our communities. It is our aim, therefore, that our partners, strategies and investments reflect these core values.


Perfect Ten was founded in 2010 by Paula Forman who saw that there was a need in Hudson for a place where girls might gather, support one another, and develop the skills and courage required for making their own dreams come true. With enormous support from the community, the Hudson City School District, the women of Hudson, and the girls and their moms who committed to Perfect Ten, this adventure became a reality. Each year we grow and change to suit our expanding vision. 


What's in a name? Back in 2010, ten girls were gathered to form a sisterhood of sorts. They began to refer to themselves as "the perfect ten" and, well, the name stuck. Also, the Olympics were on that year, and we knew these girls to be aspirational.

Of course we get lots of questions about our name. Really, we think about it's meaning all the time. It's not about being "perfect", not in the slightest. Girls come to Perfect Ten to explore what it means to be "perfectly you". We want girls to aspire to their own "best self", and accept themselves always as imperfectly perfect. For us, "perfect" means giving one's whole self to something, finding one's absolute truths. We help Perfect Ten girls find and foster self-dedication, self-love, and self-confidence, and we encourage them to accept themselves as perfect in their own ways. All of this radiates outwards, to their families, to the community, and beyond. The ten promises we live by are ones we think everyone should consider. 


We love being part of the greater Hudson community! We regularly partner with local organizations and businesses to provide our girls with diverse and enriching experiences. The Sylvia Center with Kaatchkie Farm, Long Table Harvest, and Hawthorne Valley Farm have made long term commitments to engaging the girls in growing, harvesting, and preparing healthy and nutritious meals. We also collaborate with the Blue Hawk After School Program, Planned Parenthood, Operation Unite, PS21, Art OMI, Camphill Hudson, Wise Bodies, High & Mighty Therapeutic Riding Center, LYF Fitness, Habitat for Humanity, Helsinki Hudson, Columbia County Mental Health, Bindlestiff Circus, Hudson Hall, Common Ground, Columbia County Land Conservancy, Hudson River Exchange, Bard CCE, WGXC Radio, Basilica Hudson, and Etsy, all whom have made contributions of great value.


Perfect Ten has been honored to engage with local artists and makers to learn from and, often, to make art ourselves. A few shoutouts to local collaborators like watercolor artist Gretchen Kelly, jewelry-maker Shana Lee, fashion designer Juda Leah, performer and producer Sean Matthew Whiteford, digital designers Akemi Hiatt and Debra Gitterman, ceramicists Paula Greif and Amanda Mummery, sculptor and painter Maryna Balik, pianist Cameron Melville, performing artist Carol Rusoff, fiber artist Candace Bachrach, and dancer and choreographer Adam Weinert.