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Our Mission

Perfect Ten is about self-discovery, with the aim to build character through community engagement, skill development, academic support, and cultural exploration. We offer educational and experiential opportunities as well as strategies and tools that raise awareness and bring to life the vision of inclusive excellence for all girls. Our goal is to empower girls to become confident, independent women and to improve the representation of women and minorities in our community and beyond.

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Our Programs

Perfect Ten offers programming for girls of all ages starting from our Sprouts (4th & 5th Graders), continuing with Buds (6th-8th), all the way into our Blooms (9th & beyond).

Each girl is different and we work hard to ensure each girl is engaged and able to grow and express herself. We live for young girls growing to become the best that they can be! Below are some of our example programs. Click the button to learn more ‘coz we’re just getting started.

Ready, Set, Go!

Our comprehensive job training program that seeks to get our Blooms up and ready for the workforce so that they can become strong independent and financially secure women. This is on offer all year.

Homework Help & Tutoring

Knowledge is power and Perfect Ten girls get a lot of it! We emphasize the importance of learning and ensure that no girl is left behind. Girls can request help with any subject and with our army of volunteers, you just know that that stubborn math assignment don’t get you down.


Mary Wright Edelman said, “You cannot be what you cannot see.” Girls must be surrounded by strong women in order to aspire to become strong women. At Perfect Ten, we pair girls with mentors who invest their love and care to ensure that each girl knows that they are special and they are strong.

Horseback Riding

Available during the warmer months of the year, our Buds get to enjoy grooming and riding some of the prettiest horses this side of the earth.

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Respect myself.

Respect others.

Take care of my body.

Try new things.

Make goals for my future.

Work as hard as I can.

Try again when I fail.

Get to know people who are different from me.

Ask for help when I need it.

Help others whenever I can.”


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Get Involved!

Perfect Ten is built and charged by movers and shakers. All girls are welcome to join the program and there will never be too many at our party! If you’d like to join the fun look no further! We’re also always looking for volunteers to mentor and lead workshops for our girls! All are welcome!


Join Perfect Ten

Are you a girl ready to take charge and have fun? The world is cool place, come experience it with us.


It take a strong village to raise a strong girl. We’re always looking for mentors and inspirational people to lead workshops.

Make a Donation

Perfect Ten’s heart is kept beating by the kindness of those who appreciate what we do. Consider donating to our cause.

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